Essential Winter Dog Walking Gear

Essential Winter Dog Walking Gear

These boots might be made for walking, but is your dog appropriately equipped? Check out our blog to see our winter walking tips!

How Much Exercise Does a Puppy Need? Reading Essential Winter Dog Walking Gear 2 minutes

Hightailing it around the park is the stuff is dreams for our pups when the sun is out, but when the weather starts to draw in, walks take on a different tone. Sure, our dogs have their own built in shaggy coats to keep them warm – but depending on your dog’s age and breed, sometimes they might need a little more help. While your Husky is loving their wintry life, you chihuahua or your greyhound might need a helping hand to thrive when the clocks turn.  

Dog Coats for Winter Months 

In a good winter coat, we look for something water resistant, a snug fit, and can be easily cleaned.  
If your dog is older, or thinner, they will need a cosier coat than younger dogs. Making sure it’s just right in terms of fit can do wonders when it comes to keeping everybody cosy all winter long.  

What’s strange is weird rather than wonderful to your dog, so be certain to take the time to gently gently introduce your coat to your furry friend. Treats are a great way to get them onside, (don’t we know it), and soon enough they’ll associate their coat with getting out and about with their best friend (that’s you!).  

Be Safe, Be Seen 

Don’t forget how important it is to be seen in lower lighting conditions. Keeping your dog in high-viz and considering some for yourself is very important. Depending on where you’re walking your dog, it can make a huge difference. Some owners like to use collars with lights for their pets during the winter evenings and early mornings, and these can work a treat as well.  

Making sure our pets can enjoy exercise all year round is up to us as pet owners, and with a few simple adjustments, it’s more than possible. After getting about in the wet and cold – there's nothing nicer than the moment when you finally make it back to the cosy house together!