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Why caring for your pet’s teeth now futureproofs their health!

Why caring for your pet’s teeth now futureproofs their health!

Reasons why a brush in time saves 9 (trips to the vet).

This month, we’re thinking about our pooches dental health, and how to keep our pets as healthy as possible!

Dental health isn’t just for humans – it’s a big part of caring for your dog, too. Neglecting dental health can cause a range of scary health concerns as your pet ages. Periodontal disease can result in a loss of bone or tissue in your dog’s mouths, and can leave your dog more susceptible to infections which can affect other organs. In smaller dogs, more severe cases can affect the integrity of the jaw itself. Some studies have show that dogs with improved dental health can live approximately two years longer than their dentally dismal counterparts.

There’s many ways to look after your dog’s teeth.

Dish out dental treats

One of the easiest and most stress-free methods of caring for your dog’s dental health is to make sure that high quality dental treats form a key part of their routine. We’re particularly proud of our Go Native and Leader Dental Sticks, available in a variety of flavours.

Our dental sticks have a host of unique features to make sure that they work hard to keep your dog’s teeth and gums as healthy as possible by battling plaque and tartar. As a bonus, they also taste so yummy that your pet will start grinning the moment they hear the rustle of the bag!

Brush those gnashers

Brushing your pet’s teeth is an important part of their dental hygiene routine too. While it is best to start when they’re still young, the second-best time to start is today!

Get your pet used to the process of teeth-brushing by massaging their cheeks and working them carefully up to the point where they will let you see and touch their teeth and gums. You can grab a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste and make it an enjoyable part of your daily routine with patience!

Brushing your pet’s teeth frequently and choosing high quality dental sticks are both great ways to protect them from an array of health problems later on in their lives – now that’s news to keep you cheesin’.



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