Self Catering Holidays with your Hound!

Self Catering Holidays with your Hound!

With summer finally in full swing, it's time for a trip! Where can you go with your doggo for the full getaway experience? Read on to find out more ...

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Summer is upon us, and that means it is time for a break. If you’re planning a family holiday, do you want to take the whole family – including your fur baby? It’s easier than ever to find places where your dog is welcome. While many hotels are now open to dogs, there are often some restrictions. Another option is a self-catering holiday in a cottage. You can find rental cottages that accept dogs all over the country. If you’ve never brought your dog along, you might be wondering where to start. So we’ve got a few pointers for you.  

Picking a Pooch-Friendly Place 

It isn’t easy to find a rental cottage with a securely fenced garden where you can let your dog run loose safely. Instead, you can find a place where it is easy to take your dog for a walk. For some dogs, a short potter around the garden on the lead a few times a day is enough. Then they’ll be content to snooze in the cottage while you go exploring. Other dogs will need more exercise, so you can find a cottage on a quiet road where you can safely walk or pick an area with nice trails where dogs are welcome.  

Remember, in rural areas it is essential to keep your dog on a lead anywhere you might encounter livestock. It does not matter if your dog does not show any interest in livestock. Farmers will not always wait for a dog to make the first move, so it is up to owners to protect their dogs by ensuring they are on a lead and away from livestock. 

What to Pack for Your Dog 

Your dog’s packing list goes beyond the obvious things such as food, dishes and toys. On holidays you are likely to be out in mud or sand, so a few old towels to clean your dog will come in handy. A brush will also remove sand, twigs or other debris from their coat. You can help ensure your damage deposit is returned if you bring along something to cover any furniture your dog might jump up on such as throws or even bedsheets. Dogs can be unpredictable in new environments. While many rentals have basic cleaning supplies, it never hurts to bring some rags, bread soda, carpet cleaner, etc.  

If you are going to be out hiking and rambling or spending the day at the beach with your dog, you will need a couple of other things. Your dog will need water and perhaps some snacks. (It’s a holiday after all!) A collapsible travel dish can be very handy for a day out, as can a small bag for carrying treats. 

Most dogs enjoy a stay at a good boarding kennel. But some dogs can became anxious in even the best kennel. Of course, those are the ones that  get booked up well in advance.  Sometimes, you just want to enjoy a holiday with your best friend. Thankfully, we have more options all the time for taking our dog on holiday with us.