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A Dog’s Christmas List - Best Treats & Toys for the Best Girls & Boys

A Dog’s Christmas List - Best Treats & Toys for the Best Girls & Boys

Santa Paws is coming to town - and we've got an inside track! Read along for our tips for dos and don't for Christmas gifts for your furry friends!
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Be honest, the dog is the only one in the family who is confident that they will always be at the top of the Nice List. Everyone knows they are the very best boy or girl! They deserve a stocking full of toys and treats too, and unlike some of us, will be delighted with whatever they get.  

They’ll play hard with the toys they get, so you want to be sure that those toys will hold up and not become a collection of choking hazards. And if they will wolf down any treat, why not make sure those treats are healthy and going them loads of good? We wouldn’t recommend putting veggies or vitamins in a child’s stocking, but dogs are another story. 

A Dog’s Christmas List 

We all love a little before, during, or after-dinner treat around the Christmas season – whether we’re human, feline, or canine! With this in mind, we’re all about making sure that the treats and goodies that we feed to our dogs at Christmas and year-round are healthy, yummy, and while we’re at it, a good way to support a family business! 

So, here’s our run-down on the tastiest treats to make their way into stockings and tums... 

Go Native Christmas Treat Box 

Our Go Native Treat Box is a delectable two-some of healthy, Irish-made treats for your dog! Let them choose between Turkey and Duck to pick their fave, or treat them to a couple from each to get them in the festive spot. Perfect for mimicking what’s happening on your table in a dog-friendly way! Grain-free, gluten-free, taste-filled - a perfect Christmas treat! 

Go Native Dental Sticks 

Choose from two delicious flavours, with Go Native Dental Super Sticks with Carrot & Sweet Potato or Go Native Dental Super Sticks with Pumpkin & Broccoli! Both delicious, Irish-made, crammed with healthy and delicious Irish veg and with a unique spiral shape to really get in there and help to keep teeth and gums feeling healthy and clean!  

Leader Train Me Treats - Salmon Flavour 

Our delicious salmon treats have only three calories per treat, making them perfect for teaching or reinforcing excellent behaviour! 

Leader Nutri Vigor 

We’ve got two delicious treats for your golden oldies – choose between our Leader Nutri Vigor - Skin and Coat Care or Leader Nutri Vigor - Hip and Joint Care or take the stress out of the season and treat them to both of their faves! Specially formulated to support the areas where older dogs might need a little helping hand, these delicious treats are sure to be a crowd pleaser. 


Toy Time for Your Dog 

Winter is a good time to provide some new and interesting toys for your dog. Some days the weather will make walking unpleasant, and you might need to seriously limit your dog’s time outside. Having a stash of fun toys will keep your dog entertained indoors and also allow a little indoor exercise. It’s a much better option than leaving them to make their own fun with whatever they can get their teeth into! 

  • Chew Toys – Durable, chewable toys are a canine crowd pleaser. Rings, bones or tug toys are a fun way to bond with your dog by playing together. If your dog is a strong chewer, look for solid rubber options. 
  • Enrichment Toys – The classic Kong is still popular, but the variety of toys you can hide treats in has increased dramatically over the last few years. Now you can even get licking matts and snuffle matts that make your dog work a bit to get the good stuff. 
  • Plush Toys – This is another area where canine toy makers have really stepped up. Now you can easily find all sorts of amusing plush animals for your best friend to battle or snuggle. Do check carefully to ensure the one you choose will stand up to your individual dog. 

Not all dogs like the same toys, and not all dogs are equally rough on toys. A Spaniel and a Terrier might be close in size, but usually the Terrier will be harder on toys. It’s important to know your individual dog.