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Foran Equine Chevinal


Nutritional peace of mind, each and every day

A palatable multi-nutrient liquid supplement perfectly balanced for optimal performance. Chevinal offers reassurance that your horse isn’t left with any nutritional gaps, regardless of what the day holds for them.


  1. Plentiful supply of essential micronutrients 
  2. Amino acids to aid in muscle development and recovery
  3. Supply of B Vitamins to support protein metabolism and energy utilisation
  4. Biotin and zinc to support hoof quality and coat condition 

Ideal for: 

  • Supplementing a low concentrate/high forage diet to meet micronutrient requirements 
  • Horses who are overweight but still needing essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids 
  • Convalescing horses where appetite may be affected   

Suitable for: all horses