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Free Shipping over £35

Foran Equine AIRvent Gel


A vapour releasing soothing syrup or gel to open the airways and support the respiratory system


Combines soothing honey, immune boosting vitamin C and a powerful blend of aromatic oils to clear airways and ease breathing.




  1. Plentiful supply of key antioxidant Vitamin C to support the immune system 
  2. Peppermint and Eucalyptus aromatic oils to help open up the airways
  3. Honey – a known soothing agent 


Ideal for

Horses that need additional respiratory system support when environmental challenges are elevated, such as:

  • Increased dust 
  • Higher pollen counts  


Suitable for: All horses*

*as rules of racing/competition vary internationally, consultation with local authorities is recommended before using this product

Airvent Gel: Convenient dosage syringe for ease of transport and accurate administration.