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Ucaller Remote Caller


The Ucaller remote is a compact and versatile electronic animal caller. Its packed full of feature to satisfy the most experienced of hunters. The caller can replay any MP3 sound. The sounds can be changed via a pc and a USB lead. This makes the Ucaller remote a very versatile animal caller. Predator hunting and control is very popular and the best tools are needed to decoy in the most canny of Foxes.

Animal in distress calls have been used for many years to lure in predators. A fox will often run in to the sounds of a rabbit squealing or a hare crying. Magpies will fly in to investigate a foreign magpie call that he hears in his territory , and when used in conjunction with a magpie decoy there is a visual decoy also. Crows will always flock in and circle overhead when thye hear the mixed crow call blasting from the Ucaller.

All of the sounds are completely changeable. Simply use the supplied USB lead to change the sounds using a pc or laptop. Wildhunter has a library of sounds online where all the sounds are free to download, this means you can change the sounds from animals in distress to a Vixen bark during the breeding season. You can now change from crow calls to deer calls and so on.

The built in speaker in the Ucaller Remote is very loud and will amplify sounds upto 110dB. This means the Ucaller remote will work well just using the internal speaker. Of course an external speaker will amplify the sounds more but you have the choice.

Also included with the Ucaller Remote is a remote control that will control the caller from upto a 100mtrs. You can stop / pause, change the sound, full volume control etc. A super tool for luring in the weary fox.

If you want to enhance the Ucaller Remote even further, you can add the Weatherproof Mega Speaker. This speaker is very loud and has a 3mtr cable. Perfect for mounting outside a hide or on top of a wall etc.

Easily choose any 1 of the 8 sounds with the finger friendly buttons.

  • Sounds can be changed with the a USB cable (supplied) and a PC.
  • Preloaded with 8 calls. Vixen, Dog Fox, Rabbit, Hare, Crow, Hooded Crow, Magpie and Magpie chatter.
  • Supplied with a remote control that can be used up to a distance of 100mtrs. Remote will STOP/PLAY, select call and change the volume.
  • The built in speaker will play sounds up to 110dB in volume.
  • The option of adding an external speaker  is possible via the 3.5mm speaker port.
  • Powered by 3AA batteries, you can expect about 20hrs life from a good set of batteries.
  • Quick release clip on battery cover.
  • External power port The second hole Mini USB port for changing the sounds. The bottom hole 3.5mm Speaker port.


*Please note that the Ucaller is designed for Photography and Vermin control. Please check you local laws before using for hunting.