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Red Mills Engage Beef Dog Food



Fully balanced for sustained health and vitality, Engage Beef Recipe offers a wholesome 25% meat content. Our nutrition experts have developed it for lightly active dogs who enjoy a daily walk and an occasional game of fetch. With beetroot and chicory for fibre, it is highly digestible.

Our Engage Beef recipe is a fully balanced diet that provides your dogs with the best of nutrition for sustained health and vitality.

This food is suitable for dogs involved in lighter work, or with lower energy needs. Engage Beef, with a high meat content, offers dogs all the necessary dietary requirements to maintain a good, healthy condition.

The Engage range of dog food contains only the finest ingredients for the benefit of your dogs. Whether it’s walking, flushing, pointing, or setting, Engage will give your dogs just what they need. For fast recovery, sustained energy and optimum endurance, there is a food in the Engage range to suit your dog’s activity.

Ideal For

  •  Dog in lighter work, or with lower energy needs.


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Maize, Dehydrated Beef Meat, Poultry Fat, Fishmeal, Whole Linseed, Beet Pulp, Natural Digest, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Yeast Extract, Chicory Extract. Meat Content: 25%

Analytical Constituents









Feeding Guide

Resting Light Work Rigorous Work Sustained Work
4 - 10kg 100-170g 110-190g 125-225g 150g-300g
11 - 25kg 170-345g 190-400g 225-440g 300-600g
25 - 32kg 345-400g 400-470g 440-500g 600-750g
30kg+ 90kg for every 10kg bodyweight 110g for every 10kg bodyweight 125g for every 10kg bodyweight 175g for every 10kg bodyweight

About Engage

Premium Country Dog Food

Hard-working dogs need a little more to fulfil their potential.

The Engage line provides extra protein for muscle strength, perfect for dogs who spend their days in the fields and need tailored nutrition to protect their joints and give them the endurance they need to do their jobs joyfully.

Engage will also give them a shiny coat and a wagging tail with a delicious taste and a high-quality recipe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Sam Kelly
Excellent Working Dog Food for the Off-Season

I use a variety of Red Mills Engage feeds at different times of the year depending on work rate, and find the Engage Beef a great food for the summertime off-season. Enough energy for demanding training sessions yet not too high in fat or protein for everyday feeding. Well priced, great quality food.

Brilliant Food

Our Labs are absolutely thriving on Engage. They are in superb condition. Thank you Red Mills for the fantastic delivery service too. It is super fast.

Kevin Moat
Engage products Olly Dog

My Staffordshire bull terrier has been given Engage products from being a pup and now wouldn't entertain any other brand, when out and about he is always complemented on how shiny his coat looks, well done red mills great products and excellently priced.

Tony Bennett
Engage Beef

Quality nuts , 3 dogs ,two springers and a Labrador love it . Delivery and service from Connollys is first class 👏

James Flynn
Engage Google foof

I find Red mills engage dod food exelant my dogs are thriving on it
Also brilliant service from Red Mills