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Red Mills Competition 10 Mix - free delivery


An oat-free, high fibre, performance muesli for balanced and focused performance

Ideal for:

  • Horses requiring an oat-free diet
  • Horses requiring controlled energy release
  • Horses in moderate to hard work



  1. Energy for performance in an oat-free format 
  2. High in easily digestible fibres including alfalfa chaff
  3. High in oil for extra condition and shine
  4. Source of quality protein and essential amino acids to support muscle development and repair
  5. RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin and mineral package
  6. Added antioxidants including Vitamin E and selenium to support muscle health
  7. Contains electrolytes to help replace losses during exercise
  8. Nutrient Fresh Packaging System for lasting freshness

Pallet pricing available - see below for more info

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