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Red Mills 15% Hi-Oil Racehorse Cooked Mix 25kg

Higher energy formula with added oils

  • High protein for muscle development
  • Full range of vitamins and minerals
  • Highly palatable with added garlic and herbs
Ingredients:  (in descending order by weight): Oat flakes (steam cooked), Oats (cleaned, screened), Maize flakes (steam cooked), Barley flakes (steam cooked), Cane molasses, Soyabean meal (1), Soyabean flakes (steam cooked) (1), Soya (bean) hulls (1), Soya bean extruded (1), Pea flakes (steam cooked) (1), Soya oil (1), Wheat, Sunflower seed meal, Wheatfeed, Barley, Calcium carbonate,  Mono-dicalcium phosphate, Sodium chloride (salt), Magnesium oxide. (1) Produced From Genetically Modified Soyabeans

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