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Free Shipping over £35

Hiho Silver Cherry Roller Snaffle Bangle | Sterling Silver & 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil


Designed exclusively by Hiho, this rose gold cherry roller bangle has been a couple of years in the making, and a real labour of love. "We really wanted to make something that nobody else had ever made, whilst keeping true to our Hiho ideals of being affordable and wearable everyday. Using only the most talented silversmiths, we have created a solid silver spring clip snaffle bangle with five "rollers", which we remove from the bracelet, so we can get them gold vermeiled right here in the heart of the UK just for you."
The rose gold version which is true to a copper cherry roller snaffle bit, is we think, subtle beauty at its finest. The "rollers" move and revolve on the solid silver shaft, which has been curved to fit the shape of a wrist. Being hinged at only one end makes the bracelet easy to get off and on.