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Free Shipping over £35 - exclusions apply
Free Shipping over £35 - exclusions apply

Foran Equine For-Repro Mare


Optimise breeding potential with the power of Ubiquinol CoQ10 and Omega 3.

    Ideal for:

    - Mares requiring additional support to achieve and maintain a viable pregnancy
    • Older Mares
    • Mares expected to produce foals year on year
    • Barren mares with known fertility issues
    • Maiden mares

    - Mares needing to produce multiple oocytes of high quality such as those undergoing ET or ICSI

    - For mares with a history of poor colostrum and milk production

        Features & Benefits:

        Ubiquinol CoQ10, Vitamin E and Organic Selenium;

        • Potent antioxidants proven to combat damaging oxidative stress known to have a detrimental effect on fertility
        • Vital coenzyme required for the production of cellular energy especially important for oocyte metabolism

        Microencapsulated Omega 3

        • Protected to ensure delivery to site of absorption maximising bioavailability
        • Proven to enhance mare fertility
        • A natural anti-inflammatory to support the reproductive and immune systems

        Vitamin E in combination with L-Lysine

        • Crucial to colostrum quality and milk production

        The Strict Anti-Doping Formulation Ensured (S.A.F.E) marks Foran Equine For-Repro Mare as free from prohibited substances and is safe for use in competition and racing horses.

        Nutritional Analysis

        About Foran Equine

        For over 45 years, Foran Equine has been applying its science for your success. What began as a select range of equine healthcare products, now extends to over 60 products, meeting all your equine nutrition needs. 

        Foran Equine products are scientifically formulated by our experienced in-house team of chemists, nutritionists, and veterinary surgeons. 

        With some of the best horses in the world, Foran Equine specialises in all high-performance disciplines from horse racing, to show jumping, eventing, dressage, breeding and show horses.

        With the support of our expert technical team, we offer the complete nutritional package, one that you can trust and that puts the needs of your horse at the centre of everything we do.

        Vitamins & Minerals, Performance, Electrolytes, Digestion, Calming, Respiration, Joints & Mobility, Hoof Care, Breeding, Stables Essentials. 

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